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Today our team spent time at the Widows & Orphans Home in Adama. The home is run by a very capable Ethiopian woman, and is home to a group of widows and orphans awaiting adoption.┬áThere is a mural painted on the wall of the baby nursery says “But God had a plan to save them all”.



We heard stories of many babies abandoned in the countryside. The people of the villages nearby know when another baby is abandoned because they hear the hyenas finding them. I particularly fell in love with a little 8 month old who was found near death with bugs & worms coming out of his nose & ears. Today he is thriving and waiting for his loving family to bring him home.



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Last night our team landed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and we hit the ground running this morning. We loaded up in a van to join some friends who work on the ground here to deliver much needed supplies to a group of widows in a remote village near Adama.

These widows are destitute. They don’t have anyone to care for them and huge smiles covered their weathered faces as we delivered mattresses, pillows, sheets and a few other necessities. They literally kissed and kissed our shoulders out of gratefulness.

We partnered with a local pastor & his wife who live in the village and love these widows faithfully. Today it was difficult to hold back the tears as I saw sheer & unrestrained thankfulness for basic items that we take for granted every day. Today these elderly widows are not forgotten tucked away in their village. They matter. They are precious.



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Jinja Village Clinic

We also spent some time yesterday with the staff and patients at a clinic in the middle of a remote area outside of Jinja. A little baby named Blessing has been sick with an upper respiratory infection for a while now. His father asked if our team would pray for his son. We gathered around him and asked the Healer to meet this family and make the baby whole again.


This clinic is the only way the residents of this village have access to health care.

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The Uganda Foster Family Network

We spent the morning with Irene who, with her husband, leads the Foster Family Network here in Jinja. The FFN is a community support network who collectivelyhave taken in 250 at risk kids into their homes and really embraced them into their families. They work together, they support each other-it’s incredible! It could very well be the best example of community I’ve ever seen.

They’ve just started a farm to help provide additional food for the foster families, since the cost of food is skyrocketing in Uganda. All the families participate in working on the farm. Irene held beans in her hand that will provide much needed protein in their diets.

Since being here we’ve met children whose parents have both died of AIDS, and discovered that a huge risk to children here is being kidnapped or taken after their parents die of Aids to be murdered in child sacrifices. Some believe that in sacrificing a child they will gain wealth.

The Uganda Foster Family Network is such an amazing group of families who are truly transforming the lives of vulnerable orphans and at risk kids!


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Our First Day Back in Jinja

Jinja, Uganda
Peaceful, calm, serene–that’s how our first full day on the ground in Jinja began. Our first stop was to spend time with the YWAM Uganda staff and see the terrific impact they are having in lifting up the marginalized people that live around them.


They run a vocational training school, a Bible School & the most amazing preschool ever! What I loved about the preschool is that it’s open to poor families who normally couldn’t send their kids to school. So the rich and the desperately poor kids learn & grow side by side. In a nation that’s had decades of disunity, this school is shaping the next generation in incredibly tangible ways.


Siita Nest

Today we also pulled in to Siita Nest Mother’s Love Home, which is home to 63 children and teens. This is the day I have been waiting for! The young people have all come from various backgrounds: some have lost both parents to AIDS, some fled the atrocities of war in the north after losing both parents, all have a painful past but have found joy here at SIITA. You can see it in their eyes.

James is a young man who grew up at Siita from the time he was 14 when his parents both died. He has just finished university with his degree in art design, and heads up one of the Streams Of Mercy projects at Siita.

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