A Journey of Mercy: Getting There is Half the Fun!

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January 19th 2008

On Jan. 17th Jan and I headed off to DFW for India on a journey of mercy to visit 5 of the 6 orphanages we support there.

Our journey began quite an epic saga. After we arrived at the Dallas airport we found out that the Chicago connection was delayed several hours. After waiting until the last possible moment, we switched to a NY connecting flight only to wait another 4 hours in Dallas because of delays at JFK.

Finally, our flight left DFW – it would be a tight connection, but we might still make the flight to London and then onto Mumbai, India. Just before landing in NY we moved forward in the plane, landed, and then ran to the London flight only to find out that the flight had left 5 minutes before. Now we got to experience a 4 hour layover in NY! Of course that also meant, we would miss our connection in London. So, we had the “amazing” privilege of touring the London Heathrow Airport for 10 hours waiting for our next India flight.

January 19th, just before noon we reported out luggage lost, somewhere between Dallas, Chicago, New York, or London. As of this posting on January 21st, we still have NO luggage. Yes! Getting there is half the fun.

Wick and Jan

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