Siita Nest Mother’s Love Home

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  Sitta Nest Mother’s Love Home is a wonderful orphanage that is home to 70 orphans and at risk children in Jinja, Uganda. They also provide Foster Care for another 160 orphans, children at risk and children coming from extreme poverty. Streams of Mercy has supported Siita Nest Mother’s Love Home for several years. It is one of the most …


This Baby Was Thrown Away!!!

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On Easter Friday, Maria was working in her vegetable garden when she heard a crying baby. She asked her husband about it, but he thought it was a neighbor’s baby. She continued to work in the garden. On Sunday night, while in bed, she heard the baby cry again. Her husband thought it was a stray cat. But then, he …


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  SIITA Nest Mother’s Love Home – Jinja Uganda   We arrived at SIITA Nest Mother’s Love Home and were greeted by an amazing group of children.  These kids are orphans and those who have been cast away from their families.  ALL of them are precious kids who now have an amazing family in SIITA Nest Mother’s Love Home!  SIITA …

St. Ameria School And Orphanage – Children Who Have Lost Both Parents To AIDS

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  What an amazing change in the St. Ameria school and orphanage over the last few years. When we first met Edith, the buildings were just stick structures with simple tin roofs. All of that has changed, through the Streams of Mercy’s support for this wonderful school and home. All of the buildings at St. Ameria are brick buildings today, …

Many Coming To The Lord In A Remote Region Of Ethiopia – Dedication Of The Worship Center

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    We traveled out across the African Plains of the Rift Valley. I first came here 3 years ago, and was surprised by the remote location of this village. You travel 5 hours Southwest of Addis Ababa, and turn onto a dirt road, which quickly turns into a cart path. At times, the vehicle in front of us was …

They Had 5 Babies and One Can of Formula – THE HOUSE OF JOY

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  *by law, adoptable children can not be shown in an identifiable photo. The children photographed here have already been adopted.   The House of Joy is one of those amazing ministries that we support through Streams of Mercy. They are located in the remote Rift Valley region of Ethiopia. This orphanage currently has five babies who have been abandoned …