Siita Nest Mother’s Love Home

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  Sitta Nest Mother’s Love Home is a wonderful orphanage that is home to 70 orphans and at risk children in Jinja, Uganda. They also provide Foster Care for another 160 orphans, children at risk and children coming from extreme poverty. Streams of Mercy has supported Siita Nest Mother’s Love Home for several years. It is one of the most … Read More

This Baby Was Thrown Away!!!

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On Easter Friday, Maria was working in her vegetable garden when she heard a crying baby. She asked her husband about it, but he thought it was a neighbor’s baby. She continued to work in the garden. On Sunday night, while in bed, she heard the baby cry again. Her husband thought it was a stray cat. But then, he … Read More

The Forsaken Children

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    We arrived at The Forsaken Children and I was once again struck by the scope of their ministries to street children. There are 100,000 children living on the streets of Addis Ababa. When I heard that statistic, I was overwhelmed by the desperate need of those kids. But, the Forsaken Children staff are reaching out to the children … Read More