Ethiopia – Our First Few Days

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Ethiopian Church   On Sunday, we gathered with over 1,000 Ethiopian believers, and were impacted with the sincere worship and unashamed joy of the African Church. This service gave us a new glimpse of heaven. I could imagine in a new way what heaven will be like with every tribe, and tongue and nation worshipping our great God. Team Members …

On Our Way To Africa

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Tomorrow morning, we will be heading to Africa!  We will be there for two weeks, and will be spending valuable time with Streams Of Mercy’s partner orphanages in Ethiopia and Uganda! We will be updating this blog regularly with stories from our trip, so keep an eye out for posts! You can also follow us on Twitter at

Stop Human Trafficking NOW!!

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Children are sold on the streets Our journey into India has been another life-changing experience.  We have traveled to 7 orphanages in two different cities and traveled countless miles.  One of the most heart-wrenching experiences was to meet children who had been trafficked (SOLD) into sexual and work slavery.  We met several children who have been rescued by these wonderful ministries.  Trafficking has …

She Was Dying on a Sidewalk in India

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A Year Ago: Living on the Sidewalk She was dying and she knew it.  The woman had lived on the streets of Pune, India for a very long time.  About a year before, she was diagnosed with AIDS, and her husband had left her for another street dweller, taking his two sons with him .  He made another decision that day.  He would leave …

Their Mother Tried to Kill Them

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With the Street Kids Orphanage We arrived at the Chennai Street Kids Orphanage, and immediately were greeted by 34 of the most wonderful kids you could ever imagine.  These kids come from a WIDE assortment of backgrounds.  Some are true orphans, one little 11 year old girl was dropped off on the streets of Chennai (a city of 8,000,000 people!) because her mother …

I Touched a Leper Today

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Our India Team in front of the Leper’s Medical Clinic Today we visited the Bharathapuram Leper colony outside of Chennai.  We heard of the plight of Lepers in India, and the stories were heartbreaking.  A person contracting leprosy is immediately an outcast to all of their family and friends.  Leprosy levels the ground. It affects the very poor, and the …

“The Chennai Hut Slum Preschool”

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The Hut Slum Today, we headed off to go to the Chennai Hut Slum preschool.  It’s hard to believe that a slum could be in the middle of a major Indian city, but it is.  You drive a short distance from the center of the city to an open-air parts market, and wind your way around the market to the …

India Children of Lepers

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We arrived in Chennai, and finally made it to our hotel at 2:00am. Wow! It’s a long way to India from Dallas.  The next day, we met with several of the orphanage directors to hear updates on what has been happening in their homes.   We were amazed at the scope of their ministries and their hearts for the needy, …

India’s Call

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I’m up VERY early this morning.  I can’t sleep because of all the details I’ve been doing, getting ready for my trip to India again today.  India is the most needy nation on the face of the earth, with an estimated 19 million orphans, and countless who are desperately poor.  God has called us to India in Streams of Mercy, …