Day Two: Siita Nest – Jinja, Uganda

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Handing out Toys at Siita Nest orphanage

Day two in Uganda has been a wonderful time. We began at the Siita Nest Orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. Alice Kisolo is the director of this orphanage. Alice is an amazing personality. I call her the cross between Mother Teresa and Queen Latifa. She is all of this and more. The children and staff captured our hearts. The children shared testimonies, worship songs and celebration dances. Ugandans have been gifted with dance and celebration. The children come from incredibly difficult backgrounds, but through dance, worship and celebration, the chains of their past have been broken. If I chose one word to  describe this home it would be ‘family’. A loving, caring family with 80 children and another 200 children in the foster family network.

One highlight of the day was when our team handed out toys to every child. The toys were a gift from several families in America who simply wanted to bless the children in this home. The children grinned as they received their gift from abroad.
The Children Holding up their Toys
I sat in the celebration time, deeply moved. These were bright, articulate, joyful children. Many have lost their parents to the scourge of Aids. Some have seen the first hand horrors of the war that ravaged Uganda for many years. But all have been transformed by the power of love. They have been embraced by the love of Alice Kisolo and the staff of Siita Nest. Most importantly, they have seen the love of their Heavenly Father. That love can transform nations.

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