Friday at Children of Lepers home

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Today we made our way to the children of lepers home on the outskirts of Chennai. This amazing place is home to 34 children whose parents live in various leper colonies in
the region. We were shocked to hear that in the state of Tamil Nadu alone there are 54 leper colonies. If these kids stay in the leper colony they have no hope for a life outside the colony. They will end up begging as a way of life just like their parents. By coming out of the colony & living in this childrens’ home they are able to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. One boy that lives in the home used to be tied up to a tree like a dog while his parents went out to beg each day. Today we saw the results of the love & care he is getting in this amazing home. He is thriving. All the kids go to an excellent school, and the end result the staff desire is to see each child do something significant in life. We ended our time with them by playing a round of duck-duck-goose and providing a special meal for the kids. It was great!!

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