Have you Loved a Child with Aids Today? – The Chennai Aids Kids Orphanage

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His Name is Lawrence, and he’s 9.  As I walked into the Aids Kids Orphanage in Chennai, I was drawn to Lawrence right away.  He has a gentle smile and kind eyes.  Lawrence is not the most outgoing child in the home.  As a matter of fact, he’s a pretty quiet child in the midst of many young extroverts.  But when he sat near me, I put my hand on his shoulder.  Lawrence turned and looked at me and smiled.  My heart melted.

Lawrence’s Sister, Priya

Lawrence’s story is similar to most of the kids in the home.  His mom and dad died of Aids and left Lawrence and his sister, Priya, as orphans.  They’re both HIV positive and no extended family member was willing to take them in.  This ministry took them in, and cares for them in this wonderful environment.  The home is one of the orphanages that we support every month in Streams of Mercy.  As I sit here, with Lawrence near me, I know why.

Aids Orphanage Kids Special Program

The Aids Kids home in Chennai is part of a larger ministry to people “Infected with, or affected by, HIV”.  They have a sponsorship program for HIV positive kids to go to school.  They help 150 children!  They have an ongoing ministry to people in two Aids hospitals.  They have set up micro-businesses for women left widowed through Aids, and of course they have the Aids Kids Home.

As I write this blog, I’m fighting tears.  My heart is torn by the injustice that a little boy and his sister should have to fight this dreaded disease.  There’s not a lot I can do except to tell their story, to help support this amazing orphanage, and to put my hand on Lawrence shoulder. Somehow, that’s what I think Jesus would do.

*written by Wick Nease

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