India adventure- Pune – Part 1

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After 36 ours of flying and driving, we landed at our hotel at 6:30 am. We slept for 2 hours, and then hopped up and headed out for our wild first day of connecting with orphanages. The first orphanage we visited was a children’s AIDS home. Most of the kids are HIV+ and many of their mothers are prostitutes. For many of them, both parents have died of aids. Our hearts broke as we heard each of the 22 kids’ stories, but we were also impressed by their joyful hearts. They danced and sang a song about how it is God who heals them.

This ministry includes the AIDS orphanage, a drop in home for children of prostitues, and they hope to add a medical clinic that will serve the “untouchables”, who no one else will treat. What an awesome place where kids are being loved and cared for![PuneDay1-#3]

Check back for Pune – Part 2!

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