India Children of Lepers

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We arrived in Chennai, and finally made it to our hotel at 2:00am. Wow! It’s a long way to India from Dallas.  The next day, we met with several of the orphanage directors to hear updates on what has been happening in their homes.   We were amazed at the scope of their ministries and their hearts for the needy, for those in their homes, and those they have not been able to help yet.

We headed off through the streets of this massive city, and a little over an hour later arrived at the children of lepers home.  This is one of my personal favorite homes in Streams of Mercy.  The kids are funny, bright, and absolutely beautiful.  We had “BIG Mike” with us on this trip.  He’s a businessman from Texas who looks like a WWF wrestler.  The kids were enthralled at his size and appearance.  One of the little girls was not intimidated at all, and came up to him and said “I run and you chase”.  I laughed to see this great big man chasing a beautiful little Indian girl who was laughing with delight.  They were all delighted when Mike broke out the lollypops and gave everyone one.

We were so blessed when the kids program began.  They began to sing worship songs and to do dances for us.  I loved their drama of being set free from sin into the freedom of Christ.

How could these kids be so free?  They come from the worst situation imaginable.  In their society, to be in a leper’s family means that you are a total outcast.  You have to live in a leper colony, and can never go where most people go.  You are consigned to begging or to do the most menial tasks.  But these kids have been set free from that bondage, and are now free to be anything they want to be.  Tears came to my eyes as the director told me “Wick, they can be doctors or lawyers, they can be politicians or missionaries”.  I stood amazed at the wonderful way that God sets people free.

More later as we head off to the preschool in the Hut Slum.  This is just the beginning of the adventure.

*written by Wick Nease

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