India’s Call

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I’m up VERY early this morning.  I can’t sleep because of all the details I’ve been doing, getting ready for my trip to India again today.  India is the most needy nation on the face of the earth, with an estimated 19 million orphans, and countless who are desperately poor.  

God has called us to India in Streams of Mercy, to bring streams of His mercy to the barren wasteland of human suffering.  And so, I leave in just a few hours to visit 7 of the 9 orphan ministries we support in this nation with so many hopeless people.  

This journey to Asia will be about 30 hours from the time I leave home to the time I get to the first hotel in Chennai.   And so, we begin…  Will you please pray for our time in India?  We need HIS direction, covering and blessing.  Thanks!

*written by Wick Nease

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