Last Day in Chennai – PACT Aids home

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What a perfect way to finish our time here in India by visiting the PACT Aids home here in Chennai today. PACT has been in operation for the last 12 years, reaching families & individuals who are touched by AIDS. They are helping 250 AIDS families all across Chennai.

The 15 kids at the PACT home have a safe place to live, they go to school, and they receive the love & support they need.

Recently a young woman landed on their doorstep with a small baby of her own. A few months before she was weak during her pregnancy, and her doctor gave her a blood transfusion. Sadly, the blood she received was tainted, and she is now HIV+. She has nowhere else to go, so she and her baby are now living at the PACT home.

Our team did a craft project with the kids, and spent some time holding them and playing with them. They loved the glitter in the art project. It’s amazing how much fun they can have with paper glue & glitter.

Join us tomorrow as we send Team Norway back home to chilly Norway! This group of 9 ladies have been a terrific group to work with. Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip possible!!

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  1. all finished!!! that went pretty fast and also so many lives you have been able to touch in just one week and 3 days……yes it is chilly here but beautiful with the colors turning, but probably raining tomorrow when you get back. i will be anxious to hear all your stories… love
    have a nice trip home too patty…

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