Miracle In Haiti!

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Yesterday our YWAM’ers in Port-au-Prince (PAP) came upon people seeking help and a four month old child was discovered pinned under a building. Our rescue team from YWAM sprang into action. After some time the child was removed from the rubble and rushed to a make shift hospital with a large cut on her head.
Once there everyone tried to find a responsible person. After asking where the baby’s mother was, the people with them said she was still under the building.
The YWAMers rushed back to hear people saying that she was under the building, dead. Our YWAMers began to dig to find her. To everyone’s surprise they found her ALIVE! She was extremely dehydrated and will need hospital care but it seems she will recover!
The YWAM St. Marc Gym has become a make shift recovery ward for the overflowing hospital. Yesterday a Doctor asked one of our YWAMers “What are they going to do with all these orphans.” He claimed that none of the children at our center had known living parents and the orphanage caretaker is not in the country. “Would YWAM take these children?” he asked.
One of our volunteers spoke with one young boy that was actually thought to be dead! He had already been placed in the morgue in a closed room with the dead. After placed there and the door closed, morgue workers heard a knocking on the closed door and was shocked to see that this young boy was still alive!
Strategies are forming on how to best cope and minister during this situation. It is very intense and difficult, but let us all pray for the children of Haiti. We want to thank everyone for your giving and your prayers. They have been a source of strength and encouragement along with the presence of God with us.

To give to the Haiti relief fund, simply CLICK HERE or place this address in your web browser: http://streamsofmercy.org/haiti_relief.htm

Or you can give to Streams of Mercy • P.O. Box 3220 • McKinney, TX • 75070.  Send a separate note that it is for the Haiti Relief Fund. 

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