Monday in Chennai- Part 1

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Early Sunday morning the Life Church team landed in Chennai, ready to impact the lives of orphans & children in need. They plunged right into the culture of India. It was a wild first day into the chaotic life of Chennai, where at every turn there are thousands & thousands of people.

Monday we headed off to spend the day with the Children of Lepers. As children of Lepers they are outcasts of society, unable to go to school, and often forced to beg on the streets. When they enter this home life changes dramatically for them. For the first time in their lives, they now have hope. They not only have a warm safe home to grow up in, but they all receive an outstanding education, and now have the opportunity to be leaders in the next generation. They are joyful children, filled with faith in God.

After several hours of bumper to bumper traffic, the director greeted the Life Church team with his welcoming smile and expressed his heartfelt thanks for the support that Life Church gives every month through Streams of Mercy for this home. The team prepared an amazing puppet presentation for the kids. Within minutes the kids were singing, dancing, jumping, spinning and sliding in sync with the puppets. Through this presentation the children heard again how valuable they are to the heart of God. At the end they shouted to see it again.

Check back for Monday in Chennai – part 2

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