National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

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Sanju is a wonderful 10 year old boy.  He’s bright, articulate and filled with joy. He came into the orphanage when he was just two years old.  His mother relinquished him to the home because she wanted a better life than he could have living with her on the streets.   He has been educated, loved and wonderfully cared for.

But just a couple months ago, Sanju’s mom changed her mind.  She wanted the money that he could make begging, and demanded her son back.  Sanju now begs on the street.  His mom covers his eye with a dirty patch, and this little boy with so much potential is now forced to beg.  Like most kids living on the street, he probably suffers a terrible fate of abuse.

Trafficking is an unspeakable horror for millions of children around the world.  Streams of Mercy is dedicated to help eradicate the abuse of trafficking, and to rescue children like Sanju.

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