House of Peace

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January 28 – The atmosphere at the “House of Peace” in New Delhi India is a great family feel. As our team walked into the house we were welcomed with warm hospitality: Indian Chai and snacks. Three of the older girls shared their stories with us, and told of their hopes and dreams for the future. Salma impressed us with …

I have no name, please call me Joe

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January 25 –We arrived at the Little Lights Children’s home on the outskirts of Chennai. These 34 Children are Children of Lepers, rescued from a life in a leper colony…a life of hopelessness and poverty. These kids all have at least one parent living in the leper colony. As children of lepers, they are in the lowest cast in this …

This is the face of children with AIDS in India

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January 24- They are such beautiful children, and their lives are stories of tragedy, AIDS and redemption. On the outskirts of Chennai, India, is the PACT AIDS home, which is home to 10 kids that are HIV Positive. These kids are outcast in their society, yet they have come to a place where they receive love and care. This amazing …

A Journey of Mercy: Getting There is Half the Fun!

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January 19th 2008 On Jan. 17th Jan and I headed off to DFW for India on a journey of mercy to visit 5 of the 6 orphanages we support there. Our journey began quite an epic saga. After we arrived at the Dallas airport we found out that the Chicago connection was delayed several hours. After waiting until the last …

Streams Of Mercy Promo Video

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A while back, filmmaker Brent McCorkle put together an amazing promotional video for Streams Of Mercy. I thought you might like to see it. It does a wonderful job of explaining what Streams Of Mercy is all about. Here it is:

Off To India!

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Streams Of Mercy is off to India! Over the next few weeks, we will be visiting five orphanages that we support in the cities of Pune, Chennai and New Delhi. We will be posting updates as we visit these orphanages, so stay tuned! Thanks for your heart for orphans in India!

Thanksgiving In Uganda

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The following is a report from a young couple named Paul & Monika who lead a team to St. Ameria’s orphanage this last November. In addition to a Thanksgiving feast, Streams of Mercy sent a donation with them to repair roofs on the orphanage facilities: “We’ve brought you a Thanksgiving feast!” Paul said. “Rice, matooke, chapatti, and beef!”The excited cheers …

St. Ameria Orphanage – Mbiko, Uganda

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St. Ameria orphanage is located in Uganda in the small city of Mbiko, located also near the larger city of Jinja on the shores of Lake Victoria. Edith is the founder and headmistress of the orphanage and was an orphan herself on the streets of Mbiko. Out of that experience, Edith has an amazing heart of compassion for the orphans …

Streams Of Mercy Weblog

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Thanks for visiting the Streams Of Mercy Weblog! Streams of Mercy was established to meet the needs of the most needy individuals in nations around the world. These individuals are often children who are desperate and helpless in changing their circumstances. The organization is actively involved in disaster relief, both man-made and natural, by mobilizing volunteers and resources to assist …