Pune Day 3

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There wasn’t a dry eye among us today as we spent several hours with the amazing kids from Good Shepherd Homes here in Pune. They sang songs (one very funny one about scratching like a monkey – see the picture), shared their Bible memory verses with us and just simply basked in the fact that there were guests to spend …

Pune Day 2 – Part 2

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After the Red light district we had the privilege of spending a few hours at the Comforter Childrens’ home on the outskirts of town. Comforter is home to 28 kids, about half of which are HIV+. It isn’t a sad or depressing place, but a home full of love, smiles & peace. The kids sang some heartfelt songs for us, …

Team Norway in Pune – Day 2, part 1

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You know…your feet have never really been dirty until you’ve walked in India in sandals! Today our feet carried us up a tiny narrow staircase to the Comforter office right in the heart of the red light district of Pune. Here thousands of prostitutes live a life of pain and hopelessness, often raising children in the middle of this life …

Setting up in Pune – Day 1

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It’s almost 10 pm here in Pune. As I type my eyes are having a hard time staying open. The traffic is still quite busy outside the window. I met 2 friends in Bombay at the airport and we got in to Pune early afternoon today (Thursday). We did some set up this afternoon for the team arriving early Saturday. …

Come on…we’re going to India!

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I’m sitting here at the DFW airport, 40 minutes from boarding my plane to Mumbai. Getting out the door was interesting this morning. Nothing like an eventful exit. Got ready to zip up my suitcase and discovered the zipper was busting at the seam. Yikes. Thanks to Bruce, we got it all worked out and loaded in the van and …

Good Shepherd Homes

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Good Shepherd Homes is one of the orphanages sponsored by Streams of Mercy and is located in Talegaon, a suberb 35Km from Pune city. Most of the children in these homes were rescued from destitute lives on the streets of India, and now have a chance at a normal life.

Rescue & Restore Home Sunday

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Today for the last day with our team in Chennai we went to Rescue & Restore home, which is home to 38 kids who have been rescued from a hopeless life on the streets of India. This family style home is such a warm environment for the kids to grow up in. We heard some really precious stories tonight. I …

Saturday at the PACT Aids home

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Our team had the privilege of joining the PACT AIDS home staff for the dedication of the new AIDS orphan home on Saturday. The new home is almost complete, and they move in to the new building in just 10 days. As we walked around the building, we couldn’t help but celebrate, since this new home will house quite a …