Preschool in the slum – Day 3 part 1

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The slum that our friends Freddy & Daisy work in is home to 4000 people. It’s a rough place for a child to grow up. Most kids roam freely, are left to fend for themselves, and are abused & victimized. We heard stories of children being left all day locked in a hut with no food, so they began to eat mud and leaves from the hut floor to survive.

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Freddy & Daisy the little ones now have a safe place to come each day. The preschool is a safe haven, a place to learn, get clean and fed. For these kids this may be the only meal they get for the day. Their parents don’t bathe them, so the teacher at the preschool washes them and gives them fresh clothes.

We had a great morning with the kids, singing songs, doing an art project and spending time with them. Team Norway donated some funds to the preschool project for uniforms for the kids and to the medical clinic that Freddy & Daisy run. The clinic is the only health care most of the slum residents receive.

Check back for Day 3 part 2…Rescue & Restore!

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