Pune Day 2 – Part 2

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After the Red light district we had the privilege of spending a few hours at the Comforter Childrens’ home on the outskirts of town. Comforter is home to 28 kids, about half of which are HIV+. It isn’t a sad or depressing place, but a home full of love, smiles & peace. The kids sang some heartfelt songs for us, but the best part of the afternoon was the art project we did together thanks to Art for the Nations, a non-profit organization that sends art kits for kids all over the world.

Last March when I visited the Comforter home, there were only 2 staff for 28 kids, due to lack of funds. Today they have been able to add several more staff, but even still the kids don’t get tons of one on one time. The kids loved it.

They sat so still as they worked on cutting out the row of “people” that represented the family of God that they belong to. Amazing how much fun can be had with some scissors, construction paper, glitter & glue. Over and over again the words echoed in the room “deedee…deedee (big sister) here”. That was when they wanted to glue a piece of glitter on their cut out. We would dab a spot of glue and they would glue the glitter sparkle on. We weren’t impatient, though. We savored being there. What a beautiful afternoon enjoying the simplicity of creativity.

The stories of the kids are enough to squeeze tears out of the hardest hearts. Some of their parents have died of AIDS. Others have been abandoned after their parents discovered they were HIV+. They have found a home full of love at Comforter, though. Dr. L loves each one of them like a mother. The kids call her Nahnee, and you can see the mutual affection they have for her, and she for them.

You’ve got to make a trip to Comforter sometime! You’ll never be the same.

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