Pune Day 3

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There wasn’t a dry eye among us today as we spent several hours with the amazing kids from Good Shepherd Homes here in Pune. They sang songs (one very funny one about scratching like a monkey – see the picture), shared their Bible memory verses with us and just simply basked in the fact that there were guests to spend time with.

Thanks to Art for the Nations, a non-profit organization that provides the supplies for people like us to carry art projects to places all over the world, we brought along a fantastic bag filled with art projects.

We had a blast cutting out and decorating a paper chain of people to represent the fact that we are all connected to each other because we’re all part of the family of God. We let them know that we care about them and we will be keeping in touch because they are our family!

While we worked we asked them to share the dreams they have of what they would like to do when they grow up. They aren’t shy to share. They smile confidently and say “I’m going to be a teacher to poor children” or “I’m going to be a nurse”. What a reflection of the time, love and training the staff of GSH have invested in these kids. I find it hard to believe that just a short time ago, each one of them were living on the streets, going without food, begging, suffering abuse and neglect.

The team was so impacted during their time at GSH that they donated $2000 to provide bunk beds for 43 children in the new home that GSH just opened in a neighboring city. The director’s wife shed a few tears too as she let them know that just last week the staff had been praying that God would supply all they needed to furnish the new home with beds. Now just one week later our team arrived and gave what they needed. Thanks to everyone who gave in Norway to make this gift possible! 43 kids are going to have beds because you joined in giving. You are making a difference in the lives of many orphans here in India.

Tomorrow we fly to Chennai, so join us for more adventures this week from the other side of India…..

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  1. Hei Marianne!
    Ser det er mange intrykk dere får. Fint å ta med seg videre. Vi har fri i dag. Været her er overskyet, men det er meldt fint vær i morgen.
    Alle har det bra:)
    Håper dere har det bra!

  2. hei alle sammen- godt å prate med dere. lykke til videre å¨ferden skjønner det er mye å ta inn. husk at dere ikke er alene. en sky av engler og bønner er rundt dere. glad og stolte av dere alle sammen. klem mona

  3. hei alle sammen fint å snakke med dere- skjønner det er mye å ta inn….husk dere har en sky av bønneer og engler som passer på dere der nede. guds fred på ferden videre og må dere få mange flotte opplevelser til…….glad i der alle. mona

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