Rescue & Restore Home Sunday

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Today for the last day with our team in Chennai we went to Rescue & Restore home, which is home to 38 kids who have been rescued from a hopeless life on the streets of India. This family style home is such a warm environment for the kids to grow up in. We heard some really precious stories tonight. I want to share one with you. We met a sweet 6 year old girl named Manu (named changed to protect her identity). She stood up and smiled shyly as she told us her story.

A few months ago her grandfather took her out for the afternoon. At one point she had overheard her father tell her mother that he was going to drop her off somewhere in the city and leave her there. She trusted her grandfather, though, and never thought he would do this to her. They ended up at the train station and he told her to wait on the bench while he went to get some snacks. She waited, then waited longer, and finally realized he had left her there, and he wasn’t coming back.

A woman found Manu alone, and took her home for the night. The next day she said “I know a very good safe place for you”, and she brought her that very day to R&R; house. To fully understand how amazing and wonderful this is for little Manu, let me explain how quickly little girls & boys get sexually abused on the street. It’s often within a day. It is nothing short of miraculous that she ended up at this home without facing the perils of the street. She is so dear and we loved meeting her and all the other kids at R&R; house.

They had a great time playing games with Jen & Donna, and they really loved all the treats we brought them. Thank you, Christs’ Center for the fun gifts & Donna & Jen for the lollipops & gift bags.

Check back soon for more from India…

From Chennai,
The Streams of Mercy Team

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