St. Ameria Orphanage, Mbiko, Uganda

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Handing out gifts and candy

I remember the first time I saw a photo of St. Ameria Orphanage and School outside of Jinja, Uganda.  It was a collection of ragged buildings.  Most of them constructed with sticks, holding up a tin roof.  The buildings are all brick now.  What do you do in Uganda when you need to build a brick building, and have no money?  You make your own bricks, of course.  You dig the clay, form the bricks and straw, and then get them ‘fired’ for hardness.  Through much sweat and a deep labor of love, Edith and her staff have transformed this facility.  It is still extreme rustic and simple, but 1000 times better than they had before.

Edith, the orphanage director, was an orphan herself

Edith was an orphan herself.  Both Mother and Father had died when she was a young child.  Nearby Catholic nuns took her in, loved and trained her.  As she entered young adulthood, Edith made a significant life-decision.  She would dedicate herself to the cause of orphans in her own country.  So, in 1994, Edith began the St. Ameria orphanage and school.  Today, St. Ameria is home to about 54 children.  350 other orphans are educated in their school.

The sang and worshipped.  Their sincerity deeply touched our hearts. We in turn, ministered to the children and staff of the home.  What a joy to spend time praying for them and the Destiny of God in their lives.  A Nigerian Bishop traveling with us prayed that they would rise up and become doctors, lawyers, teachers and people of influence.   we know that this was a divine appointment.

The Orphanage has their own Cows, chickens and pigs

Stay tuned with us for the ongoing adventures of connecting with orphans in Africa.

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