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Children are sold on the streets

Our journey into India has been another life-changing experience.  We have traveled to 7 orphanages in two different cities and traveled countless miles.  One of the most heart-wrenching experiences was to meet children who had been trafficked (SOLD) into sexual and work slavery.  We met several children who have been rescued by these wonderful ministries. 
Trafficking has been a major discussion point in our team.  How do we help to stop it? It is a travesty of massive proportions, and yet we can ALL do something.  We can speak out to be a voice for those who have no voice.  We can rescue these children by supporting the ministries who set them free.  Finally, we can pray for these innocent children to be released from their bonds of slavery. 
Good Shepherd Homes
Good Shepherd operates 3 different homes in Western India.  The children primarily come from the streets of Mumbai, and Pune.  What a tremendous ministry!!!  We traveled to their main homes, and met about 50 kids.  Their model is fantastic!  12 kids per home with long-term house parents who stay with the kids through adulthood. They become a real family, and the kids thrive in this loving environment. 
The children of Good Shepherd Homes
We traveled next to Pune, to the Transition Home.  Ahhhh, my heart breaks whenever I see these kids.  They’re the little ones.  The ones fresh from the streets.  They’ve been rescued, and they are SO cute and smart and loving.  One little girl just finished first grade and they are promoting her to third grade.  She’s just too smart for 2ndgrade. 
She Looked Into My Eyes and Said “ I love you VERY much”!
She’s 9.  She’s smart, and she’s way too cute.  I met Sonja a year ago when I visited the Transition Home.  I was standing with our group when we first came into the home, and I felt a little hand slip into mine.  I didn’t want to look at the child, because I knew I might start crying.  I looked, though and she smiled up at me with those amazing eyes.  She didn’t have eyes of pain or even of fear.  They were eyes of love and peace.  And she was so happy to see me.
When I arrived this time, one of the first children who greeted me was Sonja.  I asked her if she remembered me, and she said “Yes, grandfather”.  Ahhhh!  Here I go, losing my heart again.  She and I were inseparable during our visit.  I would look at her and she would just smile.  As we were preparing to leave she came up to me one last time and said “I love you VERY much”.   My heart did it’s normal thing, and again, I wanted to cry. 
This is the last home we will visit on this trip.  I think HE saved the best for last.

PLEASE pray for us in this amazing call.  So many times we feel very inadequate for the task.  But then HE whispers into our hearts and says “I love them more than you do”.   I would challenge you to ask the Lord what you are to do to help these little ones.  Every one of us can change the life of a child.

*Written by Wick Nease

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