Team Norway in Pune – Day 2, part 1

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You know…your feet have never really been dirty until you’ve walked in India in sandals!

Today our feet carried us up a tiny narrow staircase to the Comforter office right in the heart of the red light district of Pune. Here thousands of prostitutes live a life of pain and hopelessness, often raising children in the middle of this life who then grow up to be prostitutes as well.

The staff of the Comforter are reaching out to prostitutes on a daily basis, offering help, hope, & education, one person at a time. Raju (*name changed) has come out of the life of prostitution and now works full time with Comforter. He is training people in how to apply henna. His desire is that people will have a way to make a living other than prostitution. Dr. L heads us this phenomenal work, which includes a drop in center for children of prostitutes during the evening hours. The Creche is a safe place the children can come to at night. If they are at home they are often drugged or given alcohol to keep them asleep while their mothers work.

It was hard to hear about the reality of this life, but as we walked back down the tiny staircase we were so thankful to know the staff of Comforter are right there hard at work, doing all they can to bring hope & life to everyone they meet.

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  1. Hi everyone- what a blessing it is to see you all. it is truly my highpoint of the day. i am in constant prayer for you. everything is great here- waiting for your lovely kids Lise. love you all. biiiiig hugs from Noway. mona

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