The Widows of the Widow’s and Orphan’s Homes

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Growing Old In A Place of Grace And Love

Tizera is a modern day Mother Theresa
In this society, widows have no hope at all, especially if they have no children.  They live on the streets, or in conditions of extreme poverty.  They are without hope and desperate, as they simply try to survive. 
Fifteen years ago, the Lord gave Tizera a vision to help widows and orphans.  She kept this in her heart for many years, and then launched this dynamic ministry.  When I’m with Tizera, I feel like I am with a modern day Mother Theresa.  She is that caliber of person. 
She was just like my Aunt Alice
The widows in Tizera’s home are in a delightful setting.  They are loved, and cared for, but they also get to love on the babies of the home.  What a combination!! They can be cared for, and also care for the ‘little ones’.   
She was thrown out of her son-in-law’s house when her daughter died.

One of the widows was living with her daughter and son-in-law until her daughter died.  As soon as the funeral was concluded, her son-in-law took her to the alley next to his house and locked her out of his house.  She sat there for 12 days, in fear and desperation.  Each day, Tizera saw her sitting in the alley.  On the 12th day, she stopped, heard her story, and brought her to the home.  She now has a family.

When I saw the widows, I was instantly drawn to one of the ladies.  She reminded me so much of my great aunt Alice.  She has the same warm, accepting spirit, and she just has that ‘special something’ that made Aunt Alice so unique.    There are 8 widows living in the home right now.  It’s a VERY special place. 
“Hunger is Heavier Than This Flour”

The Widows are given 40 lbs. of Flour a Month
Not all of the widows can live in the Widow’s and Orphan’s Home.  There are about 20 additional widows who receive food assistance every month through this ministry.  Today was the day that they distribute food to the poor widows of the city.  Twenty widows lined the perimeter of the courtyard, and we were so blessed to be a part of giving each widows 44 lbs of flour.  This ministry literally means life to these widows. 
We heard their stories
As each widow came up, some of them were quite elderly, and some in very poor health.  Tizera had a worker in the meeting to help the widows carry their flour out.  On a recent food distribution, as they were helping one woman, she said “I can carry this!  Hunger is heavier than this Flour”!
The widows also receive a small amount of money to help them with the basics of life.  This is part of the mandate of the Lord to help the widows and orphans, and to show His heart to the needy of this world. 
“For I was hungry and your gave me food” … Jesus
She’s Blind, She Weaves Beautiful Baskets, and She Gave Us A Gift
One of the widows is totally blind, but she is an expert basket weaver.  Each of our team members was so blessed to receive a gift from this wonderful woman.  It was humbling to all of us.
The First Floor of The New Widow’s and Orphans Home is Almost Completed

The New Widows & Orphans Home
The Widow’s and Orphan’s Home is expanding!  The current rented facility no longer meets all of the needs of the ministry.  Last year, the team broke ground on a new home and facility. It will be a five-story building with beautiful courtyard.  It will eventually have everything that they need to house 30 orphans and 10 widows, a medical clinic, offices, and guest housing for visiting volunteers.  We had the privilege of going to the construction site, and seeing the great progress on the construction of the new building. 
A dear family on the West Coast has donated the money for the construction of the first floor of the new building.  One down, and four to go!

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