They’re Off!

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It’s 5 am. Ten minutes ago the team loaded up in the van for one last ride to the airport. There were a few half closed eyes, but still everyone was smiling! This was one terrific time together in India. Last night we took some time to talk about the impact that this trip has had on each of us. Honestly, our hearts have been challenged as we’ve been giving & serving others in need. We’ve laughed and cried together, and we will never be the same.

My hope is that this trip will impact the way each one of us lives our lives daily!

I head back to Texas later this afternoon, a tad bit tired, but very content. What a worthwhile way to spend 2 weeks!

Thanks for joining us here in Pune & Chennai. Check back again soon to see what Streams of Mercy is up to as we work to connect people & resources with those in desperate need.


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  1. Sitting here looking at these picture and knowing they will be here in Norway in a few hours- odd!!! and awesome how we can be apart of the tremendous work you have been doing. have a safe trip home….. love you a miss you- tell your beautiful family hi.

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