Thursday in Chennai Part 2- Rescue & Restore

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After packaging the rice the team headed to the Rescue & Restore house, home to over 30 kids who have been rescued from life on the streets.

It was heartbreaking to hear the stories of abuse the kids received while living on the streets. Many have been sexually abused, but they are grateful for the hope they now have since they arrived at R&R.; One by one several of them shared their stories.

There are 2 new siblings at the home: a brother (5) named Simeon and sister Mahindra (4) who were just rescued 4 weeks ago. Their mother did not want them, so she tied them up in her hut every day while she was away, and would return each evening at 10pm. All day long they had nothing to eat, so they began eating mud and leaves on the floor of the hut. When the staff of Rescue and Restore found these siblings, the mother said she wanted to kill them. The R&R; staff begged her to let them come & live in the home where they will be taken care of and loved. The staff took them to the hospital shortly after and were admitted for 2 weeks. Today they are looking much better, and starting to respond to the love the wonderful staff are giving them. See the picture of Mahindra! They are still malnourished, but getting better every day.

R&R; house is doing a wonderful job of giving kids hope for the future. They are reaching out to the forgotten ones, and the transformation in the lives of the kids is obvious. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening with the kids which included the puppet show, wordless book, craft project, balloons, a blessing time, and singing.

We will be doing a painting project for this children’s home on Saturday.

Check back for Friday in Chennai – food distribution in the Hut Slum!

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