Tuesday at ASHA home

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A little after noon we walked in a tiny apartment where 9 sets of big brown smiling eyes peered up at us. The Asha home (house of hope) is the first step toward transitioning little ones from living on the streets to eventually landing in a permanent childrens’ home. The amazing staff, the joy in the kids faces and the peaceful atmosphere were impressive.

At Asha home the kids get prepared to enter school, and learn to live in a more structured setting. They learn English, work on their fine motor skills, and receive love and encouragement that they so desperately need. We were able to bring the kids some notebooks & pencils that were donated by the members of Christ’s Center Church in Oregon. The kids faces just lit up like it was Christmas day when they got their own special pack. Thank you, Christ’s Center for your donation. The kids loved each gift!

The lollipops from Donna were a huge hit too. The pictures speak louder than words. What a precious time!! Wish you could be here with us to see how these tender-hearted children have hope for their future now. There wasn’t a dry eye among us.

Check back for Tuesday part 2 – in the hills of Lonavala

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