Tuesday in Chennai Part 1-chasing pigs

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Tuesday we made our way by bus to the Aids orphanage, which is home to 15 kids who are HIV+. When we arrived Wilson, the Director, gave us some background about this work amongst those with HIV in Chennai. He began by going to the local Aids hospital 10 years ago and volunteering to help. The Hospital Director was very skeptical of him, and didn’t want his help. Day after day, though, he continued to go back and offer himself as a volunteer. Finally, one day the hospital Director said “Ok, I will allow you to trim bushes, and clean out the sewers, and you can chase out the pigs that have been running around inside the hospital. You can even kill the pigs if you want to, just get rid of them. (Yes, sometimes animals run wild inside hospitals here)! Well, he definitely chased the pigs out, and in the process his faithful service in these menial tasks won him favor there. He & his staff now work every day in this hospital which is home to 400-500 HIV patients.

While working with these patients, he found many children were left orphaned, and one by one he began taking in children with HIV. When a child has HIV, they are sent out of their home, and considered “untouchable”. Today he and his wife are guardians to 15 Kids with HIV. What an amazing home filled with hope and love for those considered “unlovable”.

The Life Church team gathered around Wilson & Elizabeth to intercede for them and their work. Then we went in to the kids tiny home and set up the puppet stage to bring some joy to these great kids!

Check back for Tuesday in Chennai Part 2 and join us for a celebration!

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