Tuesday-Part 2 in the hills of Lonavala

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From Asha home we drove to the GS home in Lonavala, where many of the little ones eventually will transition to. GS Home is home to 130 kids and has been in operation for 12 years. Today we met some terrific kids and saw the results of years of being in a loving, stable, family environment. One of the first kids to come to GSH 12 years ago is now a nurse. Many of the older girls will go on to get University training. The stark contrast of where they came from (a life of abuse, abandonment and hunger on the streets) to where they are now is overwhelming. A few of the older girls shared their stories of living on the streets as young children and how they never dreamed back then that they would have a life like they do now. They expressed how grateful they are for being chosen.

In the grand finale they shared some hip hop choreographed dances.

The staff of GS Home have a dream to build family-style homes on a property they own in the country that will allow them to house 400 kids. We want to see this dream become a reality! All that is needed is the funding to build.

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