Wednesday in Chennai – Street Kids Part 1

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Life on the streets of Chennai is a desperate struggle for survival. Thousands of children live in the train station, under bridge overpasses, and on the streets. These children fight every day just to survive. They are the victims of predators of every kind. Freddy & Daisy, the Directors of Rescue & Restore House minister to these kids every week through feeding programs, medical care and desperately needed counseling services. The team’s purpose for taking the street kids on an outing is to come along side Freddy and Daisy in their faithful work among the street kids.

Freddy gathered 70 kids from the streets and the slum for a day at a water park. This was not just a day to have fun, but a day to show them that they are valuable to Freddy and Daisy and to the Father.

The kids boarded the bus (obviously the first bus that many of them had ever ridden as several of them got motion sickness). The team members were troopers as they cleaned up kids and themselves. The water park was a “first” for many of the kids. The kids raced into the park and plunged into the excitement of the day.

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