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he history of too many African nations has included distress, war, injustice, and the plague of AIDS/HIV. Tragically, the children suffer most—abandoned, abused, hungry, alone. Moved by the plight of orphans and other at-risk children in Zimbabwe, Gideon and Jennifer Chishamba, established Fountain of Hope Children's Home (FOH) in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 2000. Fountain Of Hope's commitment is: "To be a reliable and relevant bridge of hope to orphans, vulnerable children, widows and downtrodden communities affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty." Their holistic vision includes ministry to the whole person: body, mind, soul and spirit.

St. Ameria

Fulfilling the Vision: Food, Education, Empowerment, HOPE!

Besides the orphans' home, FOH offers several other programs as well.

Mthombothemba Orphan Feeding Program feeds vulnerable children and maintains a vegetable garden at the primary school. Their goal is expansion to feed 320 orphans.

Orphan Educational Assistance helps needy children obtain an adequate education and strives to help more youngsters attain their dreams.

Counseling Support Camps are offered every school holiday at the orphanage center. Kids' Clubs run during school terms and provide follow-up to the camps with a capacity for 200 children.

Empowerment Initiatives provide training in horticulture and livestock management for orphans or members of the community who care for orphans. After completing the program, the individuals or families receive goats and chickens to start self-sustainable projects that will fund the children's education.

Those trained in horticulture, begin their own gardens that will feed them and provide a commodity for sales and extra income

Shantel's Story Shantel Kanyandu never knew her parents who passed away when she was very young. Trauma and loss continually dogged her steps as she and her brother Rodney went to live with their grandmother and then a great aunt, both of whom subsequently died in the next several years. Shantel and Rodney moved in with an uncle. But the man was very abusive and the frightened children escaped into the African bush. They hid from human contact, unable to trust anyone because of the loss and abuse. They survived on roots and other meager food sources scavenged from the jungle.

Fountain of Hope heard about Shantel and Rodney from members of the local community who had spotted the two but didn't know exactly where to find them. Fountain of Hope workers prayed for guidance and some time later, an FOH staff member found the children. The two arrived at the orphans' center in January 2009. They now had a new home and family, and started school! Accustomed to bush life, it took Shantel several days to adjust, but she learned to love studying and even received a certificate for Best Young Athlete at her school. She now attends 'How Mine Secondary School' several miles from the center. Shantel is a testimony to God's healing, restoring grace! Confident and full of hope for the future, she has overcome the tragedy and pain of her past and hopes to become a nurse one day.

Join the Team Your prayers and financial gifts enable The Fountain of Hope Children's Home to make family, a future and hope through the love of Christ, available to more desperate, forgotten children like Shantel. Along with FOH, you can help pull these precious, invaluable lives, one by one, from poverty, lonliness, and despair.