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Bethel Children's Homes
Surda, Jharkhand, India

Bethel was established in 1998, and is led by a wonderful young man named Joseph Livingstan. We were first introduced to Joseph early in 2013, and have been deeply impressed with his compassion and character.

110 Children are in the Bethel Children's Home, and 300 are in the Bethel School!

Bethel Children's Home 1

Bethel Children's Home

Bethel Children's Home

Bethel Children's Home

Tribal People Living in Slavery

North Central India is a desperate place for many who are from tribal people groups. They are marked by extreme poverty, lack of education and subsistence employment. In many ways, they are the “untouchables” of society, having little value. These tribal people are enslaved in their poverty, and their children have little hope of ever breaking out of that "prison".

The Bethel Children's Homes and Schools smash the bars of their prison, and prepare them for freedom and success as adults.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty!

The Bethel Children's Homes and Schools address three major areas of need:

  1. The need for quality education.
  2. The need for quality nutritional programs
  3. The need for quality health care.

Some of the tribal children of Jharkhand are the children of subsistence farmers. They live on one meal a day. Others are orphans with no one to care for them. These children are often trafficked into work and sex slavery. For the families, subsistence farming means months of grueling work with long periods of time with nothing to eat. Children are often abandoned or left to fend for themselves. Bethel Children's Homes and Schools provide shelter, education and nutritious meals for the kids in their programs. They also provide exceptional medical care. Many of the children have never had health care prior to coming into their program.

Education is the great equalizer! Even in a Caste society, highly educated people break through all of the cultural barriers that would normally keep those individuals in poverty. just The Bethel Schools prepare the children for success in college and university. They can literally be anything they want to be. These children can actually dream of a successful future!